UNite to Combat Climate Change - Ride Japan


Hi!  I'm Charles Scott and I'm Sho Scott (age 8 in 2009).  In the summer of 2009, we rode connected bicycles the entire length of mainland Japan, about 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers), becoming, as far as we know, the first father-son pair to ride connected bikes from the northern cape to the southern cape of Japan.  Sho is also likely the youngest person to ride a bicycle the length of Japan.  The journey took us 67 days, and we rode over 10 mountains!

Working with the United Nations Environment Programme to use publicity from the ride to encourage action on climate change, we named our ride, "UNite to Combat Climate Change - Ride Japan." We are raising money to support a worldwide tree-planting effort that aims to plant 7 billion trees, one for each person on the planet.  Click on the "Donations" tab above if you would like to make a contribution, or on the widget below. 

We blogged during the ride at: http://japanbikeride.blogspot.com.  Check it out!

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The next section includes a description of our adventure in Japanese. 




世界遺産である知床半島も訪れる予定です。ここは北半球の中でSea iceがみられる最南端の地で、Red foxやBrown bear, Sea eaglesなどが住んでいます。また、白樺の保護林がみられる白神山地も訪れます。両箇所とも、保護されている地域で、日本の自然保護の良い例と言えます。30年後に翔が彼の子供と一緒に同じルートを自転車でまわったとしたら、その景観はどうなっているだろうか、と考えます。日本の美しい自然が守られることを強く願っています。

Here's a 2-minute interview with Sho early on in our planning for the ride:

And here is a short video showing the bike set-up

We would like to promote cycling as a healthy alternative to driving, encourage parents and kids to dream up their own family adventures, and demonstrate that young people are capable of extraordinary achievements.  Click on "What's your adventure?" above to join the discussion forum. 

"Believe you can, and you're halfway there."  ~ Teddy Roosevelt